Mission Statement

An independent, not-for-profit organisation, provides a high quality, comprehensive training and  information service on qualifications and skills world-wide in order to meet the needs of a wide range of clients .

Our mission is to be the preferred source of expert advice on the comparability of qualifications and skills internationally.

We are committed to ensuring the fullest possible customer satisfaction and to making a major contribution to best practice in the filed of qualification recognition.


Strategic Objectives

develops world-leading products and information services in the field of non formal education . The organisation’s main achievements are in four distinct areas:


1.   Operating Services
MITD takes pride in its proven track record in providing applicants with a high quality, public service which offers authoritative advice on the international comparability of qualifications and skills. 

2.   Competitive Data
MITD  provides fully comprehensive datasets on  qualifications and skills, and has created the unique and world-leading series of International Comparisons.

3.   Expertise
Our team possess a unique blend of skills and knowledge, including professional expertise in non formal education systems and qualifications, extensive and effective project management experience, creative and innovative thinking and care and attention to the needs of our clients.

4.   Innovative use of Technology
MITD aspires to develop unique and innovative platforms through which organisations can access a source of data on qualifications and skills.

To support its Vision Statement, MITD has six central strategic objectives:

  1. To operate a high quality, effective and efficient public service, supported by continuous improvement strategies

  2. To provide advanced data to our clients integral to recruitment strategies and enrolment processes

  3. To become the acknowledged  in providing comprehensive and fully up to date information on non formal education and training systems

  4. To expand its client membership services into new markets

  5. To provide expertise and experience to world regions operating in an increasingly market for qualifications and skills

  6. To make a major contribution to international best practices.



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